Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are the NY Knicks defensively competent?

Joe Frazier at the Knicks game
in a badass Cowboy hat
Last night the Knicks laid the smack down on the Utah Jazz 131-109. Gotta love beating up Mormons. As good as the win was though, I have recently heard and seen a few people complain about how horrible the defense has been since the Melo acquisition. Given how initially upset I was with the trade, you would think I'd be one of those critics as well, but I've actually been quite impressed with the Knicks defense over the past few weeks. First let's start with this game. 

The Utah Jazz scoring 109 points does not indicate anything about the Knicks defense.

The Knicks were up 28 points after 3 quarters. The last quarter consisted of Roger Mason Jr. and Renaldo Balkman tossing up bricks and playing like it was a street game. No one gave a shit about defense at that point and that's what led to 35 4th quarter Jazz points. So I wouldn't use this game as an indication that the Knicks have defensive issues.

At times their defense has actually been surprisingly terrific (only gave up 86 to the Heat, 88 to New Orleans and 79 to the Hawks). I will admit though that they are incredibly inconsistent. Some games they will give up 45 pts one half and then 65 then next. However I'm sure a lot of that has to do with chemistry issues, so I wouldn't be too surprised if that gets fixed up sometime soon. With their scoring prowess, they will be a tough matchup for anyone.

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  1. Good stuff. Although I wouldn't say they're anything better than average.