Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So did ESPN just expect the Nets to lose or the Nuggets to win?

The world wide leader posted on its main page this morning and I can only assume, the past 12 hours or so that the Nuggets beat the Nets last night. Only problem with that is the Nets trounced the Nuggets by 16 points. This could simply be a clerical error but that fact that it hasn't been fixed yet says the ESPN web editors are focusing on the wrong details when it comes to broadcasting sports news. Ever since The Decision, ESPN has dropped a level or two when it comes to journalistic integrity. They seem to focus on irrelevant stories such as "Melo clears air on texts" or "Melo didn't say he didn't want to go to the Nets". ESPN claims they are just shedding some light on the current Melo trade story but in truth, they are just giving us petty gossip. They need to stop worrying about shedding light on the Carmelo Anthony story line and start focusing on actual facts when it comes to news stories. If I wanted a rumor or gossip mill, I'd pick up a copy of The National Enquirer.

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